The SEACRIFOG Inventory Tool serves to systematically capture information on relevant variables, observation infrastructures, data products and measurement protocols. The tool further serves as a public resource, informing about the state of environmental observation across Africa. Please note that 'filling' the tool with metadata on observation infrastructures, data products and protocols is an ongoing process. Any contribution towards completing the picture will be appreciated.

To access the tool please klick here:

 SEACRIFOG Collaborative Inventory Tool

To increase the user friendliness and safe the data long-term, we have inserted all collected data by the SEACRIFOG tool, developed by SASSCAL, to the new SEACRIFOG Inventory Tool developed by our partner SEAON.

Check out the new interface and klick here:

New SEACRIFOG Inventory Tool

The SEACRIFOG tool is kept up, but not maintained, for a while.