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First Meeting of the SEACRIFOG Dialogue Platform

Covid 19 crisis affects the whole world and also our project SEACRIFOG. Therefore, the long-lasting planned first meeting of the SEACRIFOG Dialogue Platform (SDP) was postponed and organized online. The meeting took place on the 6th July, with 25 participants.

The SEACRIFOG Dialogue Platform (SDP) is an advisory body providing strategic and policy-related guidance inclusively. The SDP will accompany the implementation of the SEACRIFOG project into an infrastructure for GHG observations on the African continent. The platform will allow a continuous review of processes throughout the lifetime of the infrastructure. The members of the SDP are senior managers or high-level executives from European and African organizations representing the major stakeholders to the project.

During the first meeting the results of the SEACRIFOG project, were presented to give all members a coherent overview on the projects status. Accompanying the first meeting, ICOS produced a second SEACRIFOG video.

At the end of the meeting a lively discussion between the consortium and members evolved. The project was announced as example of a new culture of collaboration between Europe and Africa. It was further pointed out that there are manifold opportunities that Africa has to create the science sector and observe at meantime lower greenhouse gas emissions. One participant claimed as main factor the need for institutional collaboration and the knowledge and further exchange, about already existing research infrastructure, measurements and data. The SEACIRFOG project, its open data collection in the SEACRIFOG tool and the development of a design for a future GHG observation system smoothens the way.

Moreover, Pierre Quertenmont by the European Comission said that the SEACRIFOG project is in line with the strategy of the Commission, referring to the joint communication document, published in March 2020.

Finally, Werner Kutsch by ICOS closed the discussion annotating: "The project is a start of a long journey, this was just the first kilometre of a marathon."

We thank all the members of the SDP for active participation.

Presentations can be accessed here. Please request the password contacting:


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