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Work Package 6: Demonstration Case Cape Verde


The SEACRIFOG workpackage 6 focuses on marine and atmospheric research in the West African small islands state Cape Verde and explores the possibility to synergistically overlap the following three relevant “spheres” in marine and atmospheric research in West Africa:

  • International Research Sphere: State-of-the-art marine and atmospheric research according to highest international standards exposing and connecting the “National Research Sphere” to the international community and science.
  • National Research Sphere: Support the national research capabilities to enhance marine and atmospheric research on local/regional topics of high socioeconomic relevance. Assure high scientific standards through support and knowledge exchange with the “International Research Sphere”.
  • Regional Marine human capital development & Capacity Building Sphere: Support the development of a West African human capital development and capacity building hub in Mindelo. Embed education and training into the context of active national and international research activities (TTR – Training-Through-Research).

Workpackage 6 will organize a series of small workshops and an exhibition of marine research topics in Cape Verde in order to catalyze a dialogue between local stakeholders, policymakers, scientists and citizens. By these means, key topics and knowledge gaps of the “national research sphere” regarding environmental research will be explored and their socio-economic impacts for the region will be assessed. Current human capital development and capacity building measures will be evaluated as well.

In a second step a workshop co-organized with SEACRIFOG workpackages 1 and 7 will then bring together representatives of all three spheres. The workshop will specifically address the possibilities of developing a roadmap for a national and international research agenda in Western Africa in a joint approach with embedded capacity building and human capital development measures (“three-spheres-approach).

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