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Global Change Research Institute,
Czech Academy of Sciences - CAS
Belidla 4a
Brno 603 00
The Czech Republic


Activities and importance of the Institute

The activities of the Global Change Research Institute - CzechGlobe focus on issues of environmental sciences, and in particular on the problem of global climate change (GCC), which by its nature and possible consequences extends beyond the basic thematic segments of atmosphere, ecosystem, and socio-economic system. GCC has become an ecological, sociological and technical problem of the present with a global impact, the solution of which requires profound expert knowledge.

GCC is also characterized by significant economic and political dimensions, which significantly hinder rational decision-making and increase the need for an objective knowledge base regarding the needs of private entities and public administration, local administration and their authorities. The aforementioned circumstances were the main motives for establishing a Centre of excellence whose activities draw both on the tradition of research in the Czech Republic and on the very strong interconnectedness with European and worldwide GCC research.

In terms of regional impact, the CzechGlobe helps to resolve the problem of insufficient interconnection of the scientific and application spheres, utilizes the potential of education in environmental and eco-engineering fields and thereby increases the attractiveness of opportunities in the region, produces innovative practices in the field of “clean energy” and “eco-engineering” and thereby creates potential for the establishment of new facilities and technologies, and contributes to improving environmental education at all levels.

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